The Ex-Terms

Alsion Early College High School offers its students a deep and varied array of opportunities to develop their skills and character in non-academic settings. They go on extended out-of-town/state trips, run their own business, compete with other schools in the Bay Area, and explore milieus where their interests can flourish in the near future.  Ex-Terms are designed as enrichment courses that take place right at the cusp of summer, after regular classes are completed. These trips—usually lasting four days—provide students with real-life contexts and application for their studies in various fields be it literature, science or history. Ex-Terms have been held in a diverse set of places: Oahu, Hawaii; Boston, Massachusetts; Washington, D.C.; Ashland, Oregon; and Manzanar, California. In each setting, students are expected to investigate its flora and fauna, history, culture and humanistic significance. After the trips, students are expected to write a report detailing their discoveries.

The Ex-Terms are also a great way for the rising 10th graders to get to know the upper-class cohorts and teachers they shall be interacting when the fall semester begins. It is hoped that spending whole days together without the usual restrictions of a regular school day would reveal unexpected but pleasantly surprising traits and foster camaraderie.

Early College students are required to attend at least two Ex-Terms in their tenure at the program.

Hanauma Bay, Oahu 2013

Hanauma Bay, Oahu 2013

Freedom Trail, Boston 2012