The Alsion Community Association

The Alsion Community Association (ACA) is the school’s Parent Teacher Organization.  It consists of parent volunteers.  Its primary purpose is to integrate the disparate resources of the Alsion community for the accomplishment of the school’s academic and socialization goals.  The ACA also seeks to create venues and activities to establish better rapport between parents and school personnel, a deeper understanding of pedagogical methods, and an effective fundraising apparatus.

The ACA has four primary officials: chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary; its membership includes all Alsion parents or guardians who want to make a difference for the school.

A Little Bit of History

The Alsion Community Association came into being in the 2011-12 academic year.  It was the brainchild of longtime math instructor, Bill DeHart.  Elections for the ACA Board were held in the prior school year, and its first meeting was in June 2011.  It promptly set the direction for the association.

The first officers to be elected to the ACA Board were Rosemary Petersen (Chair), Rebecca Buzsaki (Vice Chair), Rob Craig (Treasurer), and T.M. Hemashree (Secretary).

From the association’s establishment, board meetings were held to discuss school issues and to plan future projects.  Several committees were subsequently formed to address the areas within the purview of the ACA: fundraising, social gatherings, enrichment talks, communication, publicity and gardening.  Ad hoc committees were later established as the need for them arose.

Past Activities

In the past years, the ACA has shepherded a number of edifying and invigorating events.

  • Enrichment Talks held on campus, conducted by Alsion instructors and guest speakers, tackled diverse topics like how to aid the disenfranchised (through the Free the Children program), sleep deprivation in adolescents and the Montessori Method
  • Coordination of volunteers to assist in the Art Group’s exhibit in Newpark Mall
  • Assisted setting up the 2013 Junior Solar Spring Car Competition held at Alsion
  • The year-end school-wide barbecues and raffles, and the graduation parties

ACA Officers

T.M. Hemashree: Chair Emeritus

Hemashree has served on the ACA since its inception in 2011. Serving in various capacities on the ACA Board, first as Secretary, then Vice Chair, and then Chair, Hemashree is now an Emeritus member of the Board, willing to serve and support the organization in way she can.  Hemashree’s two daughters were part of the Montessori family since they were toddlers, and although they are now in college, are still very much products of their Montessori schooling.

Shuchi Sharma: Chair

Shuchi Sharma has been a part of the Alsion parent community since 2014 when her two children joined Alsion Montessori. She has served as a Secretary and Vice-Chair of the ACA Board in previous years. Currently, both her children are in the Early College High School. Shuchi believes in community building, and believes that an active and engaged parent community can help enrich the learning experience for students.  This year, she hopes to encourage more parent participation in the Alsion Community Association and its activities.

Deepak Sethi: Vice-Chair

Deepak Sethi has two children at Alsion Montessori, one in Early college and the younger one in 8th grade. They came to know about this school last year. Deepak decided to join ACA board the same year to be part of this great community. She is an involved parent and had a great learning experience meeting and knowing the ACA community as well as the wonderful teachers at Alsion. She looks forward to help the ACA board and the school in any way she can.

Anna Pramanick: Chief Financial Officer

Anna became a “Montessori mom” in 1999 when her son (an Alsion graduate, 2013) entered preschool at Montessori School of Fremont. Currently she has a daughter in 10th grade at Alsion. This is Anna’s third year serving as the ACA Treasurer. She is enthusiastic about supporting the Alsion community and the relationship between the families and school.

Haijing Wang: Secretary

Haijing joined the ACA board in early 2017. She is a mother of two and enjoys spending time with children and participating school activities. Haijing’s older son is currently in 8th grade at Alsion school. Her younger daughter is in 3rd grade at MSF. With a long history of relationship with both schools and the families, Haijing is looking forward to all the opportunities to better support and help the Alsion community.