The Middle School

Michelle Doyle – Director of Study and Work

A native of Ireland, Michelle Doyle was a history and literature scholar at University College Dublin where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She holds Montessori international teaching certificates for primary, lower elementary, upper elementary, special education and a BA in Humanities from St. Nicholas Montessori College in Dublin. Michelle completed a two-year training course with the Houston Montessori Center in Texas, where she earned her Montessori adolescent teaching credential.

Michelle has over twenty-five years of experience teaching in both Ireland and California. She has taught all ages but her true love is the adolescent. Prior to joining the Alsion faculty, she was Head Teacher for five years at another Bay Area Montessori adolescent program. Michelle is responsible for curriculum development and she teaches English, world and European history, geography, and current events. She also teaches psychology and philosophy electives. Her interests outside school include hiking, digital photography, horses riding and cattle drives.

Bradley Buchanan – Director of Mathematics Education

Bradley Buchanan earned his math degree from San Jose State and has been teaching middle school math and logic since 2013.

I cultivate an educational atmosphere by offering my students respect and expecting nothing less from them in return. My classroom is often lighthearted and fun, but always predicated upon focus and productivity. My students understand that my lofty standards are the result of an unwavering belief in them and their abilities to overcome and achieve.

Among the first things I tell my students is that if they learn only math from me, then something has gone horribly wrong. Education is not about a collection of facts, but inspiring minds and empowering the learner to action. I strive for my students to believe in themselves, to think for themselves and to understand the value of character.

Jennifer Schriber – Director of Science Education

Jennifer Schriber received her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Horticulture from the University of Florida in December 1999. After earning her degree, Jennifer explored and worked at various locations throughout the world. Eventually, Jennifer’s passion for knowledge and research led her to the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she obtained a Master of Science in Tropical Plant and Soil Science. For over fifteen years, Jennifer has been a biologist, researcher, consultant, supervisor, and an educator. In 2007, she became an adjunct Science Instructor for San Jose City College where, in conjunction with her teaching duties at Alsion, she still teaches. Presently, she is working on obtaining her Master of Education focusing on Montessori methods. When Jennifer is not in the classroom teaching, she is exploring the great outdoors.

Fabiana Grant – Spanish Instructor

Fabiana Grant is a native of Argentina who majored in English as a Second Language/Spanish Grammar. She holds a Master’s Degree in Language and English Literature from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina. She has been a professor of ESL and Spanish for over twenty years at Asociación Mendocina de Intercambio Cultural Anglo-Argentino, a private institute sponsored by the U.S. embassy. Fabiana also has administered Michigan Proficiency exams in an institute based on Montessori principles. She likewise worked as Spanish-English translator for commercial and high tech businesses. Fabiana is currently continuing her studies in the Liberal Arts.

Asha Kalonia - Director of Art Education

Asha Kalonia earned her bachelor’s degree in Art Education from San Francisco State University in 2014 and then her Single-Subject Teaching Credential in 2015. Asha attended Alsion Middle School, where she was inspired to pursue a career in art. She then decided she wanted to bring what she learned and integrate art into Alsion’s curriculum. She believes every individual is creative in their own way and uses art to ignite this creativity. In her own art practice, she enjoys painting and experimentation with mixed medias.


The High School

John Lubushkin -Early College Director

John Lubushkin is an educator of 10 years and a California native who earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from UC Santa Cruz. After graduation, he began teaching English to non-native speakers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where he lived for 6 years and taught language arts and humanities in a variety of settings including public and private universities, tutoring, and homeschool. Upon returning to the U.S. in 2016, he joined Khan Lab School in Mountain View, CA, where he became the founding English and humanities teacher in its new high school. Now joining Alsion as Early College Director and AP English Instructor, John is excited to synthesize his passions for literature, learning design, and educational technology. He remains an avid reader of philosophy as well as an amateur music producer, meditation & yoga enthusiast, and aspiring data scientist.