Tradeoffs for “Affordable” Private Middle Schools

tradeoffs of affordable private middle schoolsParents seeking the best educational value for their children must weigh the tradeoffs of affordable private middle schools such as Alsion Montessori versus tuition-free public schools.

Let’s look at why parents consider enrolling their students in a private middle school:

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Preparing Your Kids for Middle School

Preparing Your Kids for Middle SchoolWhen preparing kids for middle school, parents should keep in mind the social, academic, and practical concerns of their student.

Transitioning from elementary school to middle school can be daunting for an adolescent. Adjustments that seem minor to an adult, such as learning to use a locker, may be a considerable challenge to a young person entering their teenage years.

Alsion Montessori suggests parents consider each child’s personality when preparing their kids for middle school.

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Get Your Kids To Relax This Summer

Get Your Kids to Relax This SummerMany parents, concerned their children will forget school lessons over summer break, eagerly investigate activities that keep students academically engaged.

At Alsion Montessori Middle/High School, we view the time between school years as an opportunity for students to unwind while participating in activities that offer fun alternatives to classroom learning. Young people who enjoy a summer of pursuits markedly different than those they experience in school enter the fall semester better prepared physically and emotionally.

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