Our Montessori School in Fremont

About Our Montessori School in Fremont

Our Montessori School in FremontThe faculty and administration is proud of the accomplishments of our Montessori school in Fremont, founded in 2001 and today one of the East Bay’s most highly regarded private schools.

A cornerstone of Alsion Montessori’s success is the adolescent program. Middle school students benefit from a learning approach that takes into account the physical and emotional changes they are undergoing.

Based on the concepts pioneered by Maria Montessori in the 1920s, the adolescent program encourages students to learn through experience. Classroom studies are reinforced with extracurricular activities such as biome trips, daily gardening, a model United Nations, and various clubs.

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The Value of a Private Education for Your Child

Class of 2013 Alsion Montessori School in FremontIn offering a multi-faceted and well-rounded learning experience, Alsion Montessori Middle School embodies the value of a private school education for your child.

The world is increasingly complex and competitive. To be successful today, a student must be able to meet repeated challenges beyond the classroom.

Alsion Montessori Middle School was founded in 2001 for the purpose of preparing young people for life beyond the classroom. Together, our administrators, faculty and parents have built a strong curriculum that is remarkably varied and can be tailored to the needs of individual students.

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Value of an Alsion Education

Discover The Value of an Alsion Education


The value of an Alsion Montessori education is reflected in our outstanding graduates of our private middle school and high school, who go on to attend major universities and earn rewarding careers.

The foundation for their success as adults is built during their time at Alsion Montessori Middle School, when critical studying habits are formed and social skills are developed.

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