Where Do Our Students Come From?

Alsion Montessori is a private school located in Fremont, California. We cover grades 7-9 in our middle school and our students usually join us in 7th grade. We are proud to employ the Montessori method of instruction, which focuses on the holistic development of our students. This means that we put emphasis on all aspects of your child’s growth, including intellectual, social and emotional.

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How a Montessori Middle School Education Prepares Students for High School

The transition from middle to high school marks an important time in every student’s life. Just as a fulfilling high school experience prepares students for college, a successful middle school experience prepares students for high school. Of all Fremont area middle schools, Alsion Montessori offers a unique education for students that focuses on a broad range of subjects and learning strategies.

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What Makes for the Best Private School for Your Child?

Choosing the best private school for your child can be a challenging process. Some schools may not be the right fit for your son or daughter, despite having an outstanding reputation.

Established in 2001, Alsion Montessori offers a wide-ranging educational experience that places it among the best private schools in the Bay Area. Biome trips, community service, enrichment courses, and a program of early college courses, comprise a middle school-high school curriculum that enables each student to pick their personal path to college while growing in confidence and maturity as an individual.

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