Get Your Kids To Relax This Summer

Get Your Kids to Relax This SummerMany parents, concerned their children will forget school lessons over summer break, eagerly investigate activities that keep students academically engaged.

At Alsion Montessori Middle/High School, we view the time between school years as an opportunity for students to unwind while participating in activities that offer fun alternatives to classroom learning. Young people who enjoy a summer of pursuits markedly different than those they experience in school enter the fall semester better prepared physically and emotionally.

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How to Choose Books for Your Middle School Student

Choosing books for your middle schooler to read is a challenging task that can reap delightful rewards.

The faculty at Alsion Montessori Middle School emphasizes reading. Our curriculum requires each student to read a variety of books during their middle school years.

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Do Grades Matter in Middle School?

Answering the Question: Do Grades Matter in Middle School?

Do Grades Matter in Middle SchoolWith high school still in the future and college years away, some young students may wonder –  Do grades matter in middle school?

The teachers at Alsion Montessori say, “Yes, grades matter in middle school”.

Here’s why:

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