How Students Can Boost Energy without Caffeine

Students boosting energy without caffeine

To counter the dismaying trend of young people using coffee, sodas, and energy drinks to stay stimulated throughout the day, the staff at Alsion Montessori in Fremont suggests several ways your students can boost their energy without caffeine.

A Pediatrics magazine study reports consumption of caffeine is growing among teens. Our concern is that caffeine may adversely affect our students’ sleep patterns. Adequate rest is very important to the health of young people.

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Healthy Foods for Studying

To succeed in the classroom, middle and high school students need the right fuel for body and mind.

Families with busy schedules often find it easier to eat out, or rely on processed or microwavable foods for meals. However, with a little planning, you can provide your children with a healthy diet for studying at school and at home while promoting good eating habits for a lifetime.

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Tips for Middle School Studying Habits

Alsion Montessori’s tips for middle school student’s study habits help our pupils develop an organized, effective approach to learning.

Middle schoolers with good study habits are better able to resist the lure of the internet and texting. Good study habits also pay dividends later in life. Young people who rely on solid study skills that they learned in middle school will find high school and college curriculums, as well as major projects in the workplace, less stressful.

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